The Narrative

Magic in the woods.

From the window of your parent’s overloaded station wagon, a row of neatly arranged cabins appear and a rush of adventure wells up inside your chest. Here, beyond the paved road and amongst the whisper of pines, sun-kissed children fill the air with laughter, and you discover the magic of camp.

In this secret hideaway in the wilderness, unlikely friendships as warm as roasted marshmallows and a profound sense of belonging await you. Your intuition leads you to a place yet to be discovered. The colors, shapes, patterns, and smells of this self-contained world overwhelm you, and with every leaf you turn and every friend you meet, you find that there’s magic in everything.

Surrounded by a symphony of crickets and a starry night, you relish this moment of a carefree childhood. In a distant future, you hear the laughter of your own children as they huddle by a campfire and tell secrets to a new friend. But here, right now, time lasts forever.